Copyright – E.A. Wicklund

Copyright – E.A. Wicklund


Tom stood at the edge of the cliff and was so fascinated by the fight of two seagulls that he didn´t hear Dorothy coming.

“Trauma-overcoming” he had named this journey. Dorothy never wanted to rent a villa with pool, but as always she could not prevail.

“There is a cover for the pool”, he`d laughed, “I`ll swim and then close the cover, I swear!”

After they had found Tammy, Dorothy was stumbling through the garden, carrying the dead child in her arms.

“I didn`t want to come back,” she whispered.

The seagulls fluttered away frightened when the two bodies crashed on the beach.

103 words – and it was hard to get it down to 103!

Part of this story really happened in the villa next to us on Mallorca/Spain few weeks before we where there with our little son. Our landlord told us the mother stumbled through the garden with the child and was not able to accept that her little girl died.So in my head since then is the image of the  mother with the dead child in her arms and it never left me –   this story maybe was also for me a kind of Trauma-overcoming (this word I created because I could not find anything matching)