There was not much left when the water withdrew. Miles behind the coast the destruction was not so heavy but still the car park of the supermarket was flooded.

“What is your name, Miss?”

The voice of the friendly looking young man seemed not to reach Eva´s ears.

“Miss? Where do you come from?”

Eva stared at the water, silently. Then with a sudden move she turned around.

“I didn´t let her off, “she said with a soundless voice.

“She must be here somewhere, I didn´t let her off, I´m sure -”

Shopping carts drifted in the muddy water like homeless boats.

Words: 102

This story I dedicate to all those, who survived any kind of catastrophe and feel guilty because they could not save their beloved ones.The title „homeless“ means not only the loss of a physical home but more than that the feeling of having lost the „Heimat“ of your heart.


40 Gedanken zu „homeless

  1. Nicely done! You wrote of the sense of loss so well. I’ve been homeless but I’ve never lost a loved one in a disaster
    My friends and family who have survivor’s guilt have a spot in their vision that none of us can see or feel.


    • one of my closest friends survived the tsunami in Sri Lanka and the years after that were really hard. That´s something that never will leave you, it´s like a stone, first it is big as the Mount Everest, with the years it becomes smaller, at the end it is small like a pebble you can carry in your pocket – but it is there. After nearly 10 years it is like yesterday for her. The pebble in her shoe.


    • thats what I tried to manage. This challenge is so helpful, after stumbling through my 100 words in the first attempts at FF, I can now try to find the words for atmo and emotion and anyway keep the 100 words border. How did Rochelle warn? It´s addictive 🙂 she was right,
      thank you for your comment!
      Liebe Grüße


  2. Dear Carmen,

    As i read your sorrowful tale I found myself in Sendai amid the devastation left by the receding tsunami. Thousands dead and loved ones sundered forever with only the once again calm sea to remind them of what used to be.

    Yours was a wonderfully written and heartfelt piece. I can tell I’m going to be continually amazed by your facility with the English language. Color me envious.




    • Dear Doug,
      one of my closest friends nearly died in Sri Lanka December 2004, one of my colleagues died in Kao Lak with his wife, his sister and brother in law. Since this time the tsunami follows me and I witnessed with my friend, how hard it is for those who survive.
      Regarding my improval in English: thanks to you all to comment on my blog, that´s a wonderful opportunity to talk in English – kind of conversation lesson for free 🙂
      big hug from cloudy rainy Germany to Hawai


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