three doors

„Make your choice carefully,“ the fairy said.

“The door you choose will make your destiny.”

“But – “

the prince stared confused at the three portals ,” none of them seems to lead anywhere –“

“Do you always just believe what your eyes tell you?” The fairy shook her head and both of them were covered with stardust.

“If you don´t feel your destination inside your heart you will never find the right way,” she whispered.

“Listen to your heart, prince, and believe – “

The fairy disappeared in a golden cloud and the prince walked slowly through the open door…


99 words this time….

already addicted to Friday Fictioneers – thanks for another inspiring prompt!

24 Gedanken zu „Believe!

  1. This is the theme for me: “Do you always just believe what your eyes tell you?” Great story! Loved it! I also like: The fairy shook her head and both of them were covered with stardust. Great image. I’m off to practice some Schubert now! guten Tag. Ann

    Gefällt mir

    • Hi Ann, I love Schubert! He died so young, with 31, so you gonna practice stuff from a really tragical, shy young guy…I´d like to hear you sing – If you want to listen to one of my songs, there is one on this blog „Zauberwort“, but the lyrics are German.
      regards Carmen

      Gefällt mir

      • I think I got you, if you are ‚V‘ and singing ‚Summertime‘ and other stuff on Zauberwort. Excellent voice and production! If this not you then you’ll have to point me in the right direction. Ann

        Gefällt mir

      • hi Ann, it´s me but my younger me :-), and the production – we did it in the livingroom of my keyboarder…I didn´t sing for a long time now (besides the choir) but I want to start again. I´d like to sing Astrud Gilberto songs and Standards. The only problem as ever is TIME. Liebe Grüße Carmen

        Gefällt mir

      • The name Astrud Gilberto was vaguely familiar. As soon as I read that she sung ‚Girl From Ipanema‘ I knew! I used to love that song and knew it when it was in the charts. That’s how old I am! Good luck. Let me know when you’ve recorded something else. I’m going to sing again in a concert soon. NOT Shepherd on the Rocks! I have terrible stage fright. Been working on Shepherd again today in a lesson. It’s like three songs. Worked on first and second bits. Think I’ll take up YODELLING! Ann

        Gefällt mir

      • I am sitting here laughing! You are so funny! But why not yodelling, may be it helps to relax the vocal chords 🙂
        look at this video, it´s from one of the famest German comedians Loriot (he already passed away) and it´s called „Jodelschule“ (Yodelling school) I think you can easily understand …enjoy it.

        Gefällt mir

      • Hilarious! And here’s one for you. ‚The Singing Lesson‘. The actor is Norman Wisdom, (died not long ago as SIR Norman Wisdom) and actress Hattie Jacques. Norman did lots of films in the 50s as a downtrodden worker. His films became very popular in Estonia of all places, as an ideal for communism!

        Gefällt mir

      • He was a comic genius. He was well known for being able to fall over very realistically. Whenever he was interviewed he would fall down the stairs, break a chair, trip over a carpet, or something like that. His signature song was probably: Don’t Laugh at Me, ‚Cos I’m a Clown. It’s on You Tube:

        Gefällt mir

    • thank you so much! somewhere the story of the prince is already growing…but writing in English still is hard for me 🙂 when I read all the other great stories of the FF community I see that I have to go a long way still. But I already learned so much and its really exciting to be part of this group!

      Gefällt mir

  2. Dear Carmen,

    I took a year of German in high school. I had good pronunciation, but my comprehension was lacking. I only remember a few words here and there. 😉
    I love the image of the prince and the fairy covered in stardust. I’d love to know what he’ll find after he walks through the door.

    Nice one.



    Gefällt mir

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